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teletravailAs Covid-19 has us stuck at home, it might seem increasingly difficult to find physical activities to do. You might have walked around your block so often that getting outside seems daunting.

As you spend more time working from home, it is important to allocate time to physical activities in order to reduce the time spent sitting.



Physical activity:

– keeps your body fit and immune system healthy

– enhances your energy level

– allow you to reduce stress


Let’s talk about cycling: velo

Consider indoor cycling as an alternative way to get a good cardiovascular workout done at home while abiding social distancing measures. Compared to running, it is less demanding on your joints if you set yourself up properly.

The Hardware:

If you have a bicycle lying around the house, you might consider equipping yourself with a “turbo trainer”. A smart connectable version will allow for more accurate training sessions.

Here “cycling weekly” breaks down the differences between the features of each product at their respective price point. (

In Quebec, consider investing into a proper trainer as we are quite often inside during the winter season. It is certainly something you will turn to every year if you are a serious cyclist.

The software:

Different platforms are available on the market and each of them are tailored to specific training purposes. Zwift is definitely my personal favorite at the moment. It offers an interactive world where athletes can train and race each other on different maps modelled after London, Innsbruck, Alpe d’Huez, etc. It is a monthly subscription just like other platform such as Sufferfest, Training road, training peaks, etc.

The Fit :

Just jumping on a bike and cycling away is bad practice. The bike needs to be properly sized and be fitted according to you. It can be quite tricky to figure out, but it will certainly make the entire experience more enjoyable and it will keep you away from unnecessary injuries. Let’s refer to a video from GCN on YouTube that will offer general guidelines to fit your bike. Of course, a professional assessment is the gold standard, but it could be challenging to find someone since most businesses are closed at the moment.

Post session stretch:

It is important to consider stretching after physical activities to prevent fatigue accumulation and prevent injuries. As each of you have different fitness abilities, please refer to your health professional for a guide tailored to your needs.


Ride safe and stay safe.

Dr. Felix Shum, chiropractor DC