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Active Release Techniques (ART)

What is ART?

ART is an analysis method and a technique used in the treatment of injuries to muscles, tendons, ligaments, fasciae or nerves.

How does ART work?

The goal of the treatment is to locate and manually break the adhesions and restrictions in muscles, tendons or ligaments and the associated fasciae and nerves. These will be able to regain their texture, range of motion and flexibility and consequently, their optimal function. ART can first of all reduce your symptoms, but it is also very effective in the healing of many dysfunctions.

How do patients react to ART therapy?

During treatment, the patient executes a specific movement while the chiropractor makes contact with the abnormal tissue and generates a tension on the injured area. More than 500 different treatment protocols exist in combination with specific movements. It is important to note that the techniques can create a temporary discomfort, because this tension breaks up scar tissue and allows your muscle to heal while preserving its flexibility.

Why do we use ART?

This technique is widely used on workers who execute repetitive movements and on people suffering from injuries resulting from daily activities. Many athletes in the sports world who expose their bodies to intense training periods resort to this type of treatment to facilitate the healing of injuries, but also to enhance their performance.

Benefits for patients

  • Increases flexibility and elasticity of scar and muscular fibres.
  • Increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles by stimulating better blood circulation.
  • Decreases muscular tensions
  • Increases range of motion
  • Encourages rapid and optimal healing.