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Spinal Manipulations (Adjustments) or Articular Mobilizations

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

The chiropractic adjustment is a therapeutic procedure (articular manipulation) in which the strength, direction, amplitude and velocity are controlled and applied to one articulation. The primary goal of the manipulation is to restore and improve the mobility or alignment of a joint. This procedure can be practiced on joints of the spine and as well as other joints in the human body. The difference between the chiropractic adjustment and other forms of spinal manipulations is that, in an adjustment, the impulse is applied to a single segment and according to a particular vector, which makes this technique very specific. Precision, thus, is its first characteristic.

How do articular manipulations work?

The beneficial effects of chiropractic adjustments and articular manipulations are caused by the increase of the movement of vertebrae, the decrease of muscle spasms around the vertebrae and the decrease of inflammation in the area. These three mechanisms cause a reduction of the pain and an increase of mobility.

How do patients react to articular manipulations?

During the manipulation, we feel a light pressure on the articulation and we can hear a sound (cavitation) resulting from the joint movement. The treatment procedure is smooth and painless.

Why do we use articular manipulations?

The main goal is to restore and improve mobility or alignment of a joint.

Benefits for patients

  • Increase in the range of motion
  • Decrease of pain
  • Neurological stimulation
  • Breaking of articular or periarticular adhesions
  • Decrease of spasms and muscular tensions